Monday, July 21, 2008

Mondays Funday!

Hello to everyone! Made it through the weekend and can I say you guys are awesome. I have gotten some of the nicest emails regarding my upcoming surgery. Truly I am blessed. Thank you.
Did everyone have a great weekend? We did. Not as much accomplished as we would have liked, but still a nice weekend. This weekend we have friends coming over Friday night to play Poker and Saturday night my Sister's birthday is coming up.Should be lots and lots of fun! Sunday I will be organizing organizing for surgery and being unavailable. And this coming weekend I am running a sale. My friend Lori is celebrating Christmas in July. So i thought I would join her in celebrating the downward slide of the year and the need to get to the holidays gifts underway. In the process of moving the craft room around I realized I have alot of things I could use as gifts. I should start taking photos of things and posting and see if your awesome creative minds can help me come up with some things. Lori is also offering coupons and files so check out her blog. You'll be happy.

Okay so this was mentioned by Terina (HEY TERINA!!) on one of the groups so I had to go check it out. I am a gizmo girl. And I love Printers! Love them.

So I am wondering how well this works, but I love its portable size. I will be checking into it further to see what it has to offer. I have a portable printer for my digital camera by epson. Which I love, but thought this might be an interesting addition. It is called the Polaroid Pogo. If I get one I'll review it for you. Right now I am saving for Photoshop CS3. It is time to upgrade so I am pinching pennies to get it. But it will be so nice when I have it.

Also is having a Vacation Layout Contest.. Here is the link. We are winding down the summer and I am sure you have some awesome scrapbooking pictures you could put in a layout. This contest ends July 31st. So it is a quick one, but thought I would put it there for those who have a free weekend.

I better run. Still files left to upload for the sale.

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you again!

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