Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost time for bed...

The end of a long day... Well here I am my son and hubby are laying on the couch and the latter is snoring. Our tv is off so it is nice and quiet and I am posting finally for today. I have thought about it all day, but kept getting sidetracked. I added two new files to the QMC alot of you have downloaded them already so you know they are there. I am in the midst of working on more. I have surgery at the end of the month so I am trying to pack the membership a little full right now. Thank you for everyone who has joined. I am adding people in the mornings so I keep consistent. So if you aren't added and I missed you let me know with your order number and forum name.

On to life..
So my little one is going to the same school during the summer, but they call it summer camp. I went in to pick him up yesterday and he said "I need to learn spanish". I smiled and said awesome. I am all for learning. Well I went in to pick him up today and there he sits with a little boy and girl that I know only speak spanish. He is trying hard to repeat what they are saying. And they are smiling at him puzzled as he answers there questions in his own version of spanish. All his teachers speak spanish and so there are some children over summer who visit that speak spanish only. I like his school because they teach everything in Spanish, English and Technology. In preschool they didn't do it so much, but I have sat in on a Pre-K class and they ran through the days of the week in spanish and english and read a book also both ways. Excellent for his brain to capture on to. We have participated in the technology part. We have donated some computers so there are extras in each room for the children to work on. I am just rambling because my son just came up to me and said a bunch of ramblings and smiled and walked away saying thats spanish for I am not ready for bed yet. If you have any suggestions on a childs learning spanish dvd let me know, please. I'd like to know what he is saying so I will listen in to. I have a hand at spanish and can understand bits and pieces. However, my husbands spanish gets better with Corona and lime. haha.
Well I better get everyone to bed.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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