Friday, June 6, 2008

WAD - SCuba files, Native american files, and teaching about money??? any tips??

You guys Rock! I have had some great descriptions for files. I have now chosen the winner of the Rock Climbing WAD file. I will be sending those out as soon as I get it completely converted. Here are the next few files. If any of them inspire you for a creative description. Email it my way and if it is the one I chose for the store I will send you the file. Make sure to put description or WAD in the subject so it catches my attention in email. These are the files I want to get into the store before the weekend of the 14th. So I will be choosing the description winners right away. Thank you soooo much for all your help!

Update: We have a description winner for "the deeper you go.."

Thank you to everyone who participates in helping me out with a description for the store! My words are stale and old and your new creative words inspire me to do more and more!

On to Life...
well it has been a crazy time here as usual. We went to the new office space to see what was behind the dreaded paneling. It has been up there so long that the paneling just fell off the walls when we got the trim off. But there is the crummy black glue they use but it is all dried up. So when you hit it with the corner of the screwdriver it crumbled off. So this evening will be working on getting as much of it off as possible. Last night I told my hubby. If I could I would hire someone right now to tape and texture it this weekend so we didn't have to. Having done a whole new wall and t&t'd it ourselves all last weekend I am just exhausted! My awesome MIL offered to come help paint on Sunday. I am worried about my son being tired to. He asked yesterday if he could just stay home and watch tv. So cute. Now that we got rid of cable, he would give up tv for anything else to do which is awesome. but we have been doing so much, he just wants to vedge.

He got to spend time swimming with Nana and Boppa, my parents, last night so he chatted about that alll the way home. He got to empty out Boppa's change jar for Disneyland Monies. This little boy is rocking it in the change. We had to start squishing the monies into his piggy bank from the bottom and I already took 100.00 out and put it in my cabinet from visiting Grandpa in Wisconsin from all his change. Trying to figure out how to help him understand the value of the dollar. So if you have any tips let me know. I thought about giving him the same amount of Monopoly money in a little wallet that he has in real dollars and as we shop through Disneyland I can pay for stuff and he can give me hisMonopoly money so he knows how much is left. My hubby thinks I should give him a 5.00 bill. A friend of mine suggested a check register or running tab of how much money is available and subtract from it at each stop so he knows how much he has left, which would show math, and give him a real 5.00 bill to hold onto as well. Well if you have any other creative ideas let me know. I'd love to hear it.
And if you made it this far... June 14th-17th all my files are on sale at Paperthreads to celebrate my birthday! I could do one day, but why not spread it out a few days. We aren't havin' a squirtgun party this year. So who knows what we'll be doing. Hopefully getting some rest. I am tireddddd. :-)
Have a wonderful day! and Weekend!

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