Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WAD - Earn Free Files with a Description

Help Help Help Help!!
I have files sitting on my computer that I could load to the store at Paperthreads, but just don't want to write a product description. I can't stand what I write If you like to write and can think of a full description for the file I am going to post below, email me with it. And if I pick your description for the store I will send you the file. I will only send the file to the final choice. Most descriptions should give someone an idea of what they can use the file for within the scrapbooking realm or outside the box and indicate ease of use multi-layers, frames, words etc. If you are interested in participating, just email me your description (put description in the subject) and if I choose yours I will send you the file. So if you see WAD in my heading then you know the opportunity is there within the post to get yourself a file. I will take descriptions until I find the right one. I usually look for fun, descriptive, key words like smooth cutting, and out of the box ideas for use of the file.

Here are my first two possibilities. Make sure you indicate to me which one you are writing the description for. If you still aren't clear on what I am saying visit the store and read through a few descriptions of the files there. If this works I will continue on with it in the future.

Here is the first file.

Here is the second one with How It Cuts included.

Let me see your creative writing abilities.

Next if you are a member of the yahoo group. The Tuesdays Terrific, but Wednesdays Hump Day Woooohooo! Coupon Code will be sent to you. If you are not part of the yahoo group you can join on the right at the link. For those who have been part of the group for a while they know Coupon Codes are my best deals other than the QMC.

And I have to get back to the setup of my home office/Craft room/Cantelope Orange Room.

So more tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!!


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