Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Terrific Coupon.... Count those blessings..

Did you get the coupon code for this cute file in the yahoo group. If not join the group through the link on the right and search the past messages. The coupon code is listed there for the below file. 50% off the price of the file. Available in GSD, KNK, WPC, AI and SCUT version. If you purchase and would like the SCUT file email me the receipt showing your purchase and I will send you the SCUT file. I just haven't gotten the SCUT version in the store yet. I know I am a slacker.

Today a police office, Eric Hite, was mourned in funeral services here in Tucson. He was killed in the line of duty with a fatal gun wound. The first one in 5 years in Tucson according to the reports. His family was surrounded by approx 3,000 Tucsonans at the services and the procession from the church to the cemetery was lined with people for about 10 miles in 102 degree weather. It did my heart proud to see all of those people take the time out of their day to stand and bow their head in silence as the numerous vehicles filled with people followed him to his last resting place. I listened to the last call for the officer they play over the radios. It was a chilling sound and gave me goose bumps. A tear crossed my face for the finality of such a call and the emotion his family is feeling. I didn't know this man nor do I know many of the men who work in law enforcement or in our militaries, but thank goodness they are there. My prayers go to all of them for their safety. May god bless this man's family and feel the support those in Tucson are trying to show them.

*** On that note, I am going to sign off. Have a wonderful rest of the day and count your blessings for I am sure they are many.


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