Monday, June 2, 2008

A new wall.. And cantelope orange paint. :-)

Oh what a weekend!! So my hubby and I are taking the moving offices, cleaning out, rearranging thing head on. We spent the entire weekend, other than a soccer game, to clean out part of my craft room, put up a wall, mud it, texturize it, sand it, paint. So my craft room side is done and I painted one of the walls a canteloupe orange I love it. When i setup the rest of my items I will take a picture. It is coming out wonderful. The half of the "Craft room/computer area" I gave up is going to be a tack room. And then the old Tack room is going to be a home office for the business. So we can run two with all the new technologies for phones etc. Wonderful!! It was a lot of fun working with my hubby and son although my feet are still sore and my eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, but what an accomplishment. And in that trend... I have to head out and work on some more organizing of it all for the next step. Hopefully my hubby can sand the tack room wall side so I can paint that and then put the paint away for a while. I am very much looking forward to putting the paint brushs away. Well I better run. Have a wonderful day!
PS I mustnt forget to tell you about my little ones shopping adventures with me today. So this is my mental reminder!

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