Thursday, June 12, 2008

Challenge files almost ready... taking emails.. sore sore sore

I am taking emails for the challenge files. (pretty please put the word Challenge in the subject so your email goes right away to the right folder.) Here are the finished pieces. I am still working on conversions, but will have the file links ready to go hopefully by Friday or Saturday. I will send them out in the order I get the requests. July 7th is the due date for submissions.

I added a page to my main site with the rules and there aren't many. The main one is to use your cutter in some fun way using one of these files and submit by the due date. But if you want more in depth results. Here is the link. (the link is also on the right of my blog)

This time around you can do anything. Scrapbook, alter, atc, cards.... it's yours to do as you wish.
File formats are: SCUT, GSD, AI, WPC, KNK

I have gotten a ton of emails about those who couldn't complete last time around. I am not trying to be a pain, but trying to be fair to all of those who did participate. If you didn't complete then you will need to skip this challenge and wait for the next one. However, for this time around, if you send me your finished piece using 2 files from last times offerings, I will send you the link for this one. Hope this makes sense. And I know some of you I have spoken with and we have worked things out. So no worries, but if I haven't heard from you. That is what I have to offer. I want everyone to be able to participate and be creative with their machines.

Don't forget the Sale this weekend! And I have no more files ready for upload so create your shopping list... While you are there consider the QMC. It reopens in July and I am still loading the files in the current one. So I always try to pack them full. I even have a hard time keeping the list of files up to date on my blog but we are almost to thirty files again for $10.00.

On to life...

What a day yesterday. My son and I headed into the new office which is now in the ready to paint stage. We vaccuumed up the drywall dust from sanding and prepared to paint. Have you painted with a 4 year old before? very interesting. I did the accent wall completely. two coats painted to the edges so it would dry enough to be masked off when the other color backs up to it. Then I painted all the other walls and part of the ceiling with one coat. And I am sore. sore. sore. My legs, arms, back, and neck just ache, but we are on our way. Our new office had wood paneling so we ripped that down and redrywalled and put in a french door. It is a cute little mini french door. I love it. It needs to be stained still, but it can wait. Trying to get all the walls painted before the carpet goes in which I was hoping for today and we found out probably won't be until tmorrow at the earliest. I am crossing my fingers that it is tomorrow. Otherwise my office staff is in limbo for a few days because of no office. hmmm.. crossing my fingers very tightly.

Either way painting with a 4 year old is an adventure. Especially since you have an accent wall and don't want to put away the last of the paint in case there is a mishap with paint. Watching where that little roller is going to and making sure it is hitting the right wall and not the brand new wood doors that are gonna be stained wew! I think I got more done when my hubby showed up to do cleanup then the hours before. But I like working with my son. You don't need any background noise because he is a running commentary. Who knew at 4 you could have soooo much to say. I must admit at some points i am done, but at others I love to listen to it. I brought toys (which are now painted) and I handed them out slowly throughout the day so he would different things to play with.

I better get moving and converting for the challenge. Thank you to those who visit my blog and take an interest in my designs and what I do! I really appreciate your support.


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