Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well It's Thursday! Yeah we are almost to the weekend

It has been an eventful week of working on moving around spaces to better accomodate. Lots of painting and sanding still going on. Tonight we go to see the new office and cross your fingers pull back the woodpaneling to see what is on the wall behind it. Then I will know how much work we are in for.

Thank you to those who sent in their entries for the Hot Cup of Java and Colors of Fall file. I have sent the winner the file. I haven't found one for the rock climbing one yet, but will probably come up with some thing today. If one doesn't work. Thank you thank you to those who participated to win the file.

I added the two files above to the QMC yesterday. Thank you to those who helped me come up with some verbage for the scuba cards. Hopefully these will make great Father's Day and Birthday Cards. I have a few more files, but these are the two I added yesterday and will be coming to the store soon... Speaking of the store... Did you know it's my birthday on the 16th. So guess what that means.. hmmm... I am sure most know, but I'll let you know in the next days.

So did you see Dana's post at the creative teams blog. Not your typical Christmas colors for a layout and I think that is why I love it. If you haven't seen it. Check it out.

On to life....
So this section is my little tidbit stories about life with a 4 year old, a handsome hubby, 5 horses, a cow, three dogs, and a huge goldfish named mater. Wow I typing that I just realize that the animals have totally outrun us on our little ranch.
Shopping adventures are always interesting with my little one and this totally held true this past week. I needed to run to Target and pick up a bathing suit for my bambinos summer camp and a new towel. So we ran around the store looking and shopping. And you know how that parent thing is. You can see them out of your eye. You know where they are, but you aren't looking at the seven hundredth thing that they have said. Look Mom. Look Mom. Well my wondeful boy is doing the same and repeating over and over "Look Mom. Look Mom. It's little baby ones like yours. For little girls huh. Look Mom. Look Mom. It's Little baby ones. Like Yours. Like Yours. MOM MOM." I am saying ah huh ahuh. then I realize there is giggling from a lady next to me. and this lady and I are of the well endowed nature when it comes to cleavage and now she is not giggling but turning red, covering her mouth and trying not to just laugh. I look at my son to see what the focus is. I realize that he is pointing at the Women's Bras. Regular Women's Bras. Apparently compared to Mom's they are baby size in proportion. And now the lady next to me is laughing with me and saying that was the best laugh she has had all day. My little one says to the lady " THANKS" and continues on his merry way to scout out the toys as I follow behind smiling. Love how he makes my life slow down for a moment when I am rushing through the store to get on to the next thing. Love my life.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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sussann said...

LOVE the scuba card!! I can't wait to play with that this weekend. Thanks bunches!!