Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I find in my freezer...

The conversation went something like this...
Mom: ahhh...what is this?
D: what? Oh ... Yeah he's frozen in Carbonite
M: in my freezer?
D: yeah. ( big smile) I'll get him out later (takes tupperware container and puts back in Freezer and walks away.) (I pause as he wonders away and he looks back and says..)
D: use your imagination.

My thoughts... Wow what did he do to get frozen. I mean he's a lego guy his arms dont even move in full range. You have to turn his head to change his mood to the backside and then he can see his own backside. Wew.
It's always interesting. Love my life.

Mom of an 8 year old boy tip of the day... .. Don't ever confuse Carbonite of Star Wars with the Cryptonite of Super Man. You will get an eye roll. haha. a big one

Have a fantastic day!


Lisa R. said...

Bwahahah! Great story. TFS

Heather D. said...

LOL Too funny! I sent this to my hubby...being a Star Wars fanatic, and the father a young boy who's now a big Star Wars fan as well, I'm sure he'll appreciate this story. LOL TFS!