Monday, April 30, 2012

The Fair was in town

We love the Fair. So much fun. This year we entered a few entries 
and went a few times and really enjoyed ourselves!!
This is me and D with my 1st place Raspberry Mango Jam.

This is my son's 2nd place for a build your own lego. (the green one.)

And his first place, Mark Shegal (sp?) rendition. So very cool. 

And our Pack's derby entries. I was so impressed so many Scouts
jumped in and participated in this for our Pack. And So Proud.

This is his first place Derby Entry! 
Pretty awesome and pretty cool. 

Well that's my pride and brag post!! Have a wonderful week. 

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Victoria said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Congratulations on the win. We didn't get to go this year, but it's always a blast when we can.
Peace, Victoria Lavender

Chris Durnan said...

My son was visibly upset when we left the fair on the last day. We had been there a bunch of times. :-) Thanks for the kids words Victoria! Enjoy! Chris