Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scout - Fish Match

If you follow my blog you know I am a Scout Den leader. I like to post my projects here because it is hard sometimes to figure out something that is easy and active for a bunch of kids who are there because they want to learn about something new.

I created a fish match game. I cut 4.25x5.5 cards to put information about fish on each card and the Scouts would need to match the fish with their description. I put these on a binder ring so they would hold together.
At our next den meeting, I plan to set the clock for 2 minutes and hand out a card to each Scout and they will have to find their match. This will be their buddy for the den meeting. As we are trying to work on the buddy system before camp and make it something natural and a reflex to not go anywhere without a buddy. 

And luckily when we went fishing the Arizona Game and Fish was there so I could grab a couple of their regulations for our meeting and in the back they had sketches of fish and their descriptions. So Awesome. 
I cut up some and put

And of course because after our den meeting this is going in my "game box" I added the key on the back so I would remember. My kids are whips if I put the the letter A on each one that match eachother they would figure it out and just match letters. so I did A and 1. so a letter and number. but in case I am not the only one digging in the game box for something for the kids to do. I added it to the back of the cards. 

I hope you enjoy my little projects. 
This project is good for the Wolf Elective fishing in helping kids recognize different fish. 
As well as the fishing belt loop for cub scouts. 


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