Friday, April 6, 2012

Cody update...

Well it's time to post some more Cody pics. He is almost 5 months and looks more and more like a big dog. He won't give up sleeping in his small kennel and finds ways to do it, he likes to cuddle with the foot stool. He stares over my head intently trying to find his buddy at school pickup. He recently figured out that the mud around the tree when it gets watered is awesome to play in. And that he can hang with the big dogs, but they won't put up with him being pushy. He also still tries to sleep on my lap, but is running out of room. He plays like crazy with my son as soon as he is home ... My son secretly calls him "hobbes" when playing with his imagination  and Cody does a pretty good job of being the fun tiger of Calvin's. Cody also cannot wait to run around with Dad at horse feeding time. All in all he is fitting in very nicely. So just had to share some pics. Enjoy! Chris

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