Thursday, April 12, 2012

Games & Headphones Cutter File

First let me say... HAPPPPPY Birthday to my fantastic son. Who is 8 today. I cannnnot believe Dr. D is 8 .Just fantastic.  Well on to my offering to you for his birthday. We like to celebrate birthdays by giving!.

 This file was created for an Easter basket gift. Welll... woops... Here is my Easter story...

  The gift that gave the bunny away.

My son went through his Easter basket after finding it on the treasure hunt with my awesome hubby. I made this box for his easter basket. Threw it in.  Perfect box for his Nintendo ds games and headphones for it.
He smiled at me as he went through his basket and said "Mom does the bunny have a vinyl machine to?" I smiled and said. I wouldn't know but maybe.
He smiled back.

Wooops. Yep I know the Easter Bunny is short lived. However, I found it humorous that my KNK addiction almost gave away the Easter Bunny! 


You can download this file HERE. the password is iagreetou. This means that you agree the file is only for your personal use. You will need to be a registered member of the forum to download.

For those current QMC members, I already uploaded the file a few days ago. If this has expired on my blog. Current QMC members will find it in the Quarterly membership Club along with all the other downloads from my blog this year.  Enjoy!

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Caroline said...

great story... we gave ours quilt covers to go on their beds in their new rooms.... how to explain this one LOL We bought them, gave them to the Easter Bunny to give to you!! (yo sounded convinced, but 16yo just gave me one of those looks !! LOL

Caroline said...

oops! 9yo not (yo

Chris Durnan said...

Awesome Caroline! Haha