Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scouts - Teepees

So you may see me type out Teepee in many different ways in this post Tipi etct. When I looked up how to spell it, it said that the word was spelling in many different way. I found this quite interesting. I love to read and words are just awesome. I use Overdrive to download from my library. I love that I can rest my finger on the word and a dictionary icon will pop up. This is awesome. But I type fast so sometimes I use the wrong version of a word. Okay well... back to my post.

In the section of the Wolf book are a few Native American Electives, We wrapped some of these up together. We made teepees out of Brown  and paper and then drums. I collected containers and painted them all yellow. We drew our native american stories on the sides of our drums. We used Bic Mark-It Markers. (Love these. I have a whole little tin bucket filled with them. just the great colored lids make me happy. One of the den parents was oohing and ahhing them. just awesome!). Then we sat in a circle on the floor and read our story and banged on our drums. The boys seemed to have a great time. 

The close one is my sons and the back one is my prototype. I could have cut this on my Klic-n-kut, but decided to let the boys hand cut them out. 

In order to put the tents together, we took 5 pipe cleaners 6 inches long. 
Then twisted the tops and spread those out. After cutting out the teepee pattern, we then drew symbols on our teepees that showed who we are. (many of the teepee designs had to do with wars and battles according to what I read and my 7 year old Wolves haven't really been in battle. So we drew images about ourselves or about the things we like to do on weekends. 
The tab in the picture folds over two of the pipe cleaners and can taped or stapled which ever is easiest. In the effort of time we stapled ours. 

The most difficult part for the boys in writing a story was there was no "the" and words like that for perfect sentences. I found it very interesting to see.

It was a great night and we got to make noise beating our drums and telling our stories. So fun. 

I didn't get a chance to get this pattern converted to many file types so I will repost this with the file to cut the teepees in the next few weeks. So come on back!


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