Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lost and found moment...

I have this super cute little box filled with little vials filled with blingy goodness... also called heatset rhinestones. .. I have plans for my t-shirt for Scout Camp in a few weeks. I tore apart my studio. I vowed to go through the boxes and mess. to get rid of the piles of paper that seem to migrate to my studio from the house. I looked and looked. I leaned back in my chair to close my eyes and think... what did I work on last? my blingy pocket on my jeans. I should know... where did I put them... and I opened my eyes and looked down and there they were on the floor they had slid off the table and landed on the carpet luckily and not spilling everywhere. Wew. all is right again. thank you thank you! Just had to share my relief. And now I should make good on the clean the studio thing... or at least make it a goal for finishing by the end of June.  yes I will get some of it cleaned up... for now I think I need a piece of chocolate...

Hope you're having a great day!

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