Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sooo much is going on in our home. How about yours? We are workin away on so many projects.

I am test cutting the last of the qmc files.
My son is pretending to clean his room.
My hubby is working on the lights.
My son is somewhat pretending to clean his room.
I am washing laundry in between everything.
My son has moved a bit and is now pretending to stare off in space or clean his room. Not sure which.
My hubby is helping me with countdown to Grandpa's visit prep work.
My son is putting on his shoes probably going to go "help"Dad.
I am converting all of the Monogram files for the new sets coming out this week.
My son has now snuck out of the house.
I have three custom tiles to cut and one I've proofed so waiting for feedback.
My son is now back and pretending to eat while he watches tv.
I am thinking through my chrsitmas gift list as I go. I have become fond of clipboards lately to keep me straight in my to do.
My son has layed his head on the table when I aksed how his room is coming.
My hubby wants to go for a horseback ride later when it's warmer outside.
My son will want to go because Mom will have taken over his room with the trashbag and goodwill basket.

Yeah!!! All in a Sundays family work. And this picture is from my D's first reconcilliation. His first real tie. Thank you Nanna!! He loves it. He is so handsome but I might be biased.  He very much reminds me of his Dad.  Oh I love my life.


Ps tomorrow starts 12 days of Christmas!

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