Friday, December 9, 2011

Playing games

My son, like many kids, loves to play games. I must admit I like to to.  Right after dinner seems to be our easiest time to fit one in. I usually put out a bowl filled with cards and things when we have company over. There are many times a good card game starts up and some play and some watch and many chat. My hubby loves trivia so a few of those cards to are a good brain storm.  This last time I put it out I left it on the table. If we sit down to dinner, we seem to clear the table and play a quick game of uno or go fish. (The dishes can wait.) The book is all about card games and the rules for them. This works well when we have a discussion about the rules or if we want a new game to try. I highly recommend a bowl of cards as a table centerpiece. Yes a nice candle is pretty,but no fun unless you are a pyro. But a bowl full of card games really can make life slow down for a moment and make my son smile the biggest smile when he yells UNO!!   My hubby's family plays a card game called Nerts. It is a lot of fun, fast paced and tons of folks can play. Have you ever heard of it? What card games do you play? Here is to more fun and playing in the new year and lots of smiles!

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