Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Sewing endeavor...

Okay so I am not a fantastic sewer I would even put myself just below well kinda sewer. I tend to pull it out when I am done looking for something I like that would work for home decor. I can say fabric does not seem cheaper then buying a finished product. so for me it is purely a ... I want this... and don't like that!. haha. I have sewn a cover for a bench, window coverings, pillow coverings and even shown a friend or two how to sew a fancy pillow with fringe. Well in my last "I want this" adventure I was spear headed by my son who wanted camo covering his closet. My son's closet is slightly offsize of a standard set of doors. And it would be a rebuild to use a standard door. I am done looking at the mess of toys. So I decided to buy a shower curtain rod that is brown and some hooks and huge amounts of camo to make the "curtains" for the closet. So we went to the store and looked and looked (Picture of the curtains at another time. Came out quite nice I must say) anyways. my son saw this fabric he just had to have. Very "red baron snoopy-esque" and we brought home a yard of it. after I was done with the curtains. the sewing machine sat on the table with a curiouser and curiouser little boy. So finally he said. can I? I said yep. I sat next to him and worked on some lists and had him run the whole deal in as "straight" a line as possible to make the pillow out of his loved fabric. Which he did and then proclaimed a serious concern... WE SEWED It inside out!!! AGHHHHHH!! Mom Mom. I laughed and said you flip it inside out and stuff it that is why we left a little hole. He stuffed it and helped me sew the little bit more difficult seam to close it and asked when he could go to the fabric store again. Very cute very fun and he thinks it was pretty cool. So yeah! I love it. Had to share. (and yes that is a puppy sleeping underneath it)

Oh and here is a picture of a very cute little terror running through our house. I asked him if he had emptied his food bowl on the floor again and this was the look I got. Ahh yep... he did. totally cute!
Enjoy your day!

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Tina Campbell said...

Keep at Chris it gets better I found out with sewing we are our own worse critics. Love the new terror it looks so cute! Have fun with that cutie and a tip from experience obedience school does wonders for a dog!