Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun bathing ??? How about Shade bathing? Giggle Bathing? hmmm

These pics made me crack up. This was from a few weekends ago. My niece wanted to sun bathe. My son loves to follow her around and often says she is the funniest giggle cousin he has ever met.
So he asked if he could sun bathe and looked at me with the look... I gotta imagine he was thinking. I wonder if my Mom knows what sun bathing is she is always slathering me up with a 100 lbs of sunblock (by the way my new favorite one is neutrogena 70. it is lotion not spray. He never complains about it's being sticky. Although I have to do pre-emptive blocking and slathering so it soaks in. I am okay with that. I work hard at keeping my son light by end of summer. Many cases of skin cancer in my family. ) So he asked me after I said. "hey don't lay in the sun". I told him "yes you can..... just lay in the shade." So he did! ha! Because the point of the matter was to lay with his cousin and soak up her giggles and not the sun. Cute. I love the obvious shade line. haha. love it.

And of course laying still is not one of the many talents of a 7 year old. So it is better to be silly and move and soak up the giggles and not the sun. So maybe he is Shade bathing. this could start a new trend. Love it!

And today is THE day! last day for the Border Grab Bag. So if you want a bunch of ways to edge trim stylize and cut a border grab the May Grab Bag because it leaves the store tonight!!  Thank you to everyone who has purchased. Please jump in the forum and post a project so you can get entered in next month's grab bag drawing! You can see larger version of the borders in the store!

 Have a fantastic day!

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