Thursday, May 26, 2011

I fell and so what am I doing???

I fell on my hand yesterday and it hurts like a bajeebas. Yes this might not be an official word in the dictionary, but it is my kinda word for sure. So what am I doing? Sitting here typing. Is it crazy or what?


Today I pick up the kiddo from school. Yeah I am so excited. Last day before summer. As always every summer start I have all of these ideas I plan to do. Or rather I print out the possible of things to do. I write as much on the calendar to help us be reminded of the specific date ones. I also have a magnet board that is broken down by days So I can write on it the things he needs to do like.. “clean up book shelf” and the fun things we plan to do “ Go swimming with friends” Also, I am going to put together a jar tonight that is the I’m so bored jar. I saw this on a friends page. I am loving it. I am going to put one together some time this weekend.


The weekend is coming. It is a holiday weekend. Are you excited? Spending time with family and friends or bbqing? We have plans some of the days. So should be fun. I am picking up 36 lbs of apples. I cannot decide on which to can. Apple sauce or apple??? Not apple butter that is for sure. I did it in a crockpot so easy peasy to cook down. However, I had a hard time giving it away and it wasn’t our favorite at all. So I plan to make some apple things in cans and we will see how it goes. I am looking forward to it.


Well I better go get some things together to head to get the kiddo and put some more ice on my hand. It isn’t the whole hand really. It’s just this one finger. So I am typing with out it and it is sticking up in the air. ABSOLUTELY! Looks ridiculous.


If you have a pinterest I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. My friend Heidi I think is a pinterest queen. She is so cute when she finds something she likes. I am gonna try it out and see.


Hope you are happy and smiling!



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