Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From to-do toooo ta-done!

What is your best suggestion?


I find every year about now I think about projects I could complete over summer when it is a 100 plus degrees outside in the cool of my studio a/c unit.  So I think about them and I have even gone to the point where I write them on a wipe board, but I can say. It hasn’t been a great success. What do you do ? I have so many little things I have to do every day to get things accomplished that I need a task organizer for creating great gifts. I have all these items that could be altered into some magnificent treasure for a family member and yet they are filling up my closet. So what are your thoughts.. how do I go from idea to completion. A lot of times I have ideas and I jot them down, but there is no way I can work on it for a few days. So I can’t drop my to-do list for today. However I would love to turn it into a ta-done list.


Any ideas?? I’d love to hear them.



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