Monday, May 30, 2011

Katrina Frame

I made this for my niece. It was one of those mattes you get from walmart that had a wide border so you can have visitors sign it. I cut the letters on my new knkmaxx. Just mahvelous I couldn't be more pleased. I cut the Katrina part out of some random stash I had and was worried because I had two sheets of it and didn't want to mess both of them up. There was only one edge with this pattern and it just cut! Yeah. So double yeah. The funny this is I haven't installed the "velocity patch" and I se the speed for 200 hit cut and turned to look at the cutter and had bumped back up to 700 I quite lost my breathe it moved so fast. But when I looked at its cut I was beaming!! Okay yes I have a cutting machine addiction. I am in love with my new knkmaxx. Good thing since we will be spending lots of time together.

Today is memorial day. I hope you Enjoy! It with family and friends. I hope you also find a moment to ponder the reason for the day off work. I know many in the military and I could not be more blessed to have them in my lives, protecting the lives of those around me. I am honored to know them for who they are and what they stand for. God bless every one of them and all those I don't know, as well as, their families who serve with them.

Happy Memorial Day!
Enjoy! Chris
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