Friday, May 20, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes ...

So this morning, we did our Friday morning run down of weekend plans. Visit Grandma see how she is feeling, visit friends, go swimming, go to golf n stuff, when will be cleanup time (kiddo is responsible for his bathroom. He loves to use the 409. Weird) so we were running through and my son proclaims…. “ When I get out of school and you(talking to my husband) get out of work, It will be the weekend!”. I am standing in the closet and whisper to my hubby “what about me? Do I not work?” So my husband puts out the question… “What about Mom?”. My son proclaims from the end of the hall… “She never quits working!” And you can hear the eyeroll of exasperation in his voice.


HA! I had to cover my mouth with giggles. To funny and excellent comment. As my Sister in Law said, my son is born for Politics! And on that note. I am off to fold his little clothes so he can put them away. Yes a Mom’s job is never done. But oh wonderful job it is. I love it almost as much as being a wife to my fantastic hubby.


Here’s to great plans for the weekend! Woohoo!



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