Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yeah my Dad comes today. I am stressed about everything I still have to catch up on. But the excitement is winning out to see him again!  Went to costco this week and got this Purple Cow Trimmer.
My guillotine one was cutting crooked and just driving me to frustration. So we shall definitely see how it goes. I unfortunately won't have a ton of time to play with it before the weekend, but so look forward to it when I get back.  I have some end of year teacher gifts to make and birthday gifts etc etc. So I will review it and if it makes me happy I will add it to my Chris's Picks page which you can get to on the right hand side of my blog ->->-> A new page I have started to list those items I keep in my craft room. Whether they are truly craft supplies or out of the norm... If you have something you want me to review let me know.  I'll see if I can get my hands on it and what I think.

Next here are a few pictures from the retreat...
Here is Barbee of Etch All and her little goodie pack she brought. I had to leave early so I didn't get it finished, but really thought she was a spit fire and loved her passion for her product. The biggest thing she said that made me giggle... "I can't stand in a glass elevator surrounded by glass and mirrors.. I just start to itch. I have to etch something!!!!" hahaha. made me laugh.

There was more to the items but they are already in my craft room a frame
and a design for etching on them. Really a great demonstration.

 I better run so I can get to pick the kiddo from school and then my Dad up from the airport.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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