Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sooo irritated ....

Well just an irritation. I have two files one in completion. The other two passes away from completion to go into the Quarterly Membership Club. And well my computer has been funkier then all get out. So of course I go through the mental checklist (because my hubby could fix it, but well his favorite word for me the “software junkie” in the family is to just “reformat” ugh ugh)… when did I last backup, when did I last have the virus scan work or see it run, when did I last do this that and all the other things you have to do to keep it going. So I worked on this and that while those two files just burn at the back of my mind. Two files! Two files and woohoo! Another quarter in the bag done finished finito. Well.. it is doing it again. Do I reboot? Do I what? I have so many programs that load when I reboot I might as well call it a coffee break or go start the laundry (laundry eck who wants to do that today? Yikes) so I sit here and wait. I am working along I am fine yeah I might get it done. Rrrrrrrrr again it freezes. I can roll the screen up and down with my mouse but I can’t click the back I can’t click the buttons nothing. Nothing happens. All I can do is move the screen up and down. Do I reboot again. Do I walk away. Do I just decide today is the day for laundry? I put my hands on the keyboard and rest there and use the mouse on board my laptop and it works… hmm.. well let’s see. It seems my computer is not frozen. It seems it is that time of month again. Yes that time where well… yeah…  I need new batteries in my wireless mouse. THANK goodness I didn’t call my hubby. It would have been the first question every time I presented a question about my computer. Thank goodness. Thank goodness.


And with that.. I am off to work on those last two files  for this quarter and work on the bonus files for joining for next quarter in the first few days…


Maybe today woulda been a good laundry day!






Membership Club $10 for 20 plus files SVG GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT



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