Thursday, March 25, 2010

QMC - All Files uploaded... Jan-Mar 2010

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WOOOHOOO!!! Another one done!

All right folks all the files for this quarter are up in the forum and at the 4shared link.

Here is the list of files you should have downloaded as a member.  

You will have until the 11th of April to get them all downloaded from either location.

1. My Love for You - CD00646
2. Heart Treat Bag - CD00651
3. Purrfect Kitty Border - CD00647
4. Happy Valentine's Day - CD00650
5. Best Retirement Plan Card Front - CD00649
6. Retirement Sunrises - CD00648
7. Fancy Dancy Heart Collection - CD00652
8. Fancy Edges Collection - CD00653
9. I Cook With Wine - CD00655
10. Kitchen is the Heart... - CD00654
11. You Are Invited - CD00663
12. Just a Pocket - CD00665
13. The Rest of the Story - CD00666
14. Flower Bed Edge Borders - CD00664
15. Tags - CD00678
16. 2 Piece Oversized Square Envelope - CD00686
17. Every Day I Miss You - CD00673
18. Beloved Pet - CD00685
19. Bubble Mats - CD00672
20. Luck Fanciful Edge - CD00676
21. Mask Template - CD00675
22. Snow Globe - CD00677
23. Lucky Cupcake Wrappers - CD00680
24. Born of my Heart - CD00679
25. Up the Page Set 2 - CD00634
26. Panda Bear - CD00682
27. Jumping Rope - CD00684
28. Bless this food "frame it col." - CD00683
29. Flower Garden Playing Cards - CD00687



And here is your last chance to get them, I will be taking this membership Jan-Mar 2010 down from the store by Sunday night.

 Here is the link to purchase the Jan-Mar 2010 Membership

After purchasing, please download the pdf for more info in the store. You will have until the 11th of April to download.

I will try to add new members to the forum as quickly as I can throughout the weekend. You will have instant

access to the 4shared by downloading the pdf with your order.


The next membership for Apr-June 2010 will hit the store soon. Keep an eye out for this if you want the early bird files. It will be next week!

I will post a notice in my yahoo group and on my blog when it hits the store.


Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and my family by participating in my membership.

Have a wonderful day!







Membership Club $10 for 20 plus files SVG GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT



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