Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm not leaving...

A few days ago I get this statement thrown at me “I’m not leaving.” It is said in a matter of fact challenging way. My 5 soon to be 6 year old has decided to make a stance. So we’ll go with it.
I know where this is coming from. A few weeks ago off the cuff my handsome hubby said.. “When you move out.” For a brief moment my son’s eyes flashed as his life and all his world possessions flashed before his eyes and there was a great pause. I have no idea what the rest of the topic was, but he stopped my hubby and said. “What? Why would I leave? Where would I go? “ My hubby tried to explain in a manner that explained as you become a man you go through phases in life. I think my son thought my husband would come to a point in life where he would kick him out. I could see at the time. I let it go. Stayed out of it. As a Mom there are those things you know you will come back to and discuss again. And you know your hubbies intentions, but are glad the conversation ended with. Wanna watch John Wayne? And they sat on the couch watching good vs evil and making their way. Not worrying about where their possessions were in the world, but that they were just together.
So as I thought the topic comes around… “I’m not leaving.” I smiled at my kiddo and said well where were you going? A good quizzical look on my face instead of the giggle over the “tough stance” I am being presented with. He says now with his arms across his chest. “when I get old, I’m not leaving.” Apparently, we have been thinking about this conversation for a while and we waited ‘til Dad was gone. I smiled again and say “oh that” .. the 5 almost 6 with an attitudes comeback. “I’m not leaving.” I sit down on our footstool and look at him as he walks toward me because he has grown so much we are eye to eye or I could be incredibly short. He walks up arms crossed. I tell him.. “well a lot of times. Kids get older and decide they want to move out go to college go places do things without their Mom and Dad.” The little one throws his arms around my neck. “I AM NOT LEAVING”. My comeback. “ well ya know what… You’re 5 you can’t leave. You have to finish school. You have to finish high school. Then you can think about it,  but for now I am in charge and you can’t leave at least until your 18.” The sigh of relief when you are almost 6 .. .18 seems just an impossible time away. I get the double tight squeeze hug. “ and since you can’t leave… well we got homework to do and your room needs cleaned. “ Well for a moment.. just a teensy moment.. teeny tiny.. I was the favorite parent and not the homework pushing, room cleaning, rule following parental unit. Just a teensy moment and then……. I get the eye roll and I know all is right again with the world. Yeah.. I am glad he isn’t leaving just yet either and I can't even think about when it does come. wew.. Love my guys.. love my life.


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