Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crafty Easter Bunny.

So what kinda bunny comes to your house? At our house, Easter is the one holiday we spend with just the three of us. We may at times run here or there, but basically we plan it around just us. So many holidays we run everywhere. But not this one. My Son loves that our Easter bunny hides his basket and he has to go on a treasure hunt for it. He has been checking all the possible places to make sure it didn’t get left early. Our Easter bunny is also a “crafty one”. I was very worried when he was younger about the tons of candy he would get so rather then put candy in our Bunnies basket he gets a lot of craft items. I had very good reason as his little tummy would not handle it and then we would deal for a week if he had a high sugar intake day. He still can have this problem from to time, but at the age of 5 he has convincingly told me that he just eats the frosting off cupcakes and pitches the rest because then he won’t have as much sugar. I love this analytic thought because I totalllly agree who wants all that regular flour anyways. BLECK! (but alas gluten free chocolate chip cookies are NO problem at all as I made a batch friday night and they were gone Saturday before noon!). Haha. I also knew that he would get a lot of sugar on some occasions and didn’t stress about it. His birthday is usually Easter weekend so sugar high doses are inevitable. it is the way it goes. And now that he is realizing when he gets sicko he is making better choices himself. It is very interesting to me to see him grow up and the choices he makes when they are handed to him. Our crafty bunny made some purchases this weekend. Some fun foam for starters to use on this Darice E-Z cuts it. Darice NSP103 E-Z Cuts It Crafting Jigsaw
I know it is amazing how ones addiction to a digital cutter can spill over and affect your family. Hahaha. This is not a digital one, but a hobby cutter that he can cut balsa wood and fun foam and other items. I am excited because between the two of my guys there is always some drawing, blueprint, or architectural drawing in the works. And this way he and I can tinker throughout the summer and see what the kiddo can come up with. Also, I got the cutest darn stuff bunny for 2.99. I wish I had gotten one for myself. So So cute and soft. And also a snap-tite star wars luke skywalker starfighter model. (I think it looks like this I already hid the box. woops. )
Revell Star Wars - X-Wing fighter I can remember doing models with my Dad when were little. I couldn’t miss a holiday without something star wars or clone wars or something. I think I will get him some jelly beans and one chocolate bunny to go with. There are also a few other crafty trinkets we can work on over the summer.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Chocolate Mix 54 Ounces Three 18 Ounce BagsSo Easter is about the candy also… What’s your favorite? These are mine Cadbury mini hard shell eggs. These aren’t the mooshy in the middle ones which I also like as well, but these ones are the best. Hmmm.. And my other favorite is a white chocolate easter bunny from See’s candy or a bordeaux Easter egg from See’s Candy. Past that the rest is edible, but not the tops in my world. What’s your favorite? And what are your traditions?

I think we will end out the day on horseback, building a star wars ship, or just enjoying eachothers company. Really wonderful. … love my life…


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