Thursday, March 25, 2010

Freckles is on the wrong side of the fence....

The drama as a five year old pushes into the house through the door. Knocks my older barely moving dog with the door and yells. “Freckles is on the wrong side of the fence”. Seriously …. is my only thought. Will I never ever get these last two files done. NEVER. “Okay I am coming” I walk to the shoe bin. This big bucket full of shoes which is actually a storage bin. We used to use a basket but the little stones get all over. This way they stay in the bucket. Did I mention we live in the dirt? Oh I digress. Back to the drama at hand. I grab a quick pair of chunky flip flops. “MOM” the five year old is nearly bouncing in fear. His fear is not ill placed. The coyotes are bad and they have been baiting our dogs to no avail. And our Freckles border collie thinks everyone and everything is super nice. Totally big bad wolf story headlines here. So we need to get her back inside the fence. Our older dog usually alerts me when the young dog has gone wayward, but last I saw her she was enjoying her afternoon siesta on the floor of the laundry room. So I walk out the door and look. Yep there she is on the edge of the wash which drops about 12 feet down in a vertical drop. And that’s where the coyotes have recently been spotted the most. So I walk up to her and she is whining. I put my arms as over the fence as best I could. Thank goodness for the chunky flip flop 3 inches and try to grab her. No go. She played dead dog and just hung there and I couldn’t lift her. So I sigh.. I turn around. My son is standing behind me with the phone. I am gonna call the fire dep’t. (I roll my eyes) the ambulance(another roll) MOM STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES. He has the phone up. And I say “I am gonna walk to Uncle Bryan’s” our neighbor and see if she will follow the fenceline and come back in… My sputtering 5 year old behind me… Mom. Mom. Mom. I am gonna call Dad. He is already dialing the number I keep walking. I can hear the rantings and the ravings behind me. I keep calling the dog so she will walk along the fence some. She is whining like we left her.. Or maybe she thinks WE threw her over the fence to be on the wrong side of the world? I get to the gate. And open it.. call a few more times and she finally comes and through the gate. I hear a big “WEW. Well Dad I guess Mom got it.”  I told my kiddo tomorrow you will have to ride fence with Dad and see where she got out. “ride fence” ha. Around our small acreage, but it sounded very John Wayne. So he ate it up. OKAY. He proceeded to lecture his dog about not going through a fence and staying near the house etc. She bounced and bounced hearing nothing, but happy to be on the right side of the fence for a moment.


My hubby pulls up about 20 minutes later and my son says. “Dad.. Mom says we are gonna have to “ride fence”” He smiles. My hubby looks at me and smiles. Yep this man is my knight in shining armour. I call him to when I feel perplexed and totally lost and not sure where to get next. So I know why my kiddo calls him when he thinks Mom doesn’t have it under control. And my hubby does the same and calls me when he needs to bounce the trials and tribulations of the world off someone to see if it makes any sense. I sure love his companionship in this life. And.. oh yes.. I see he brought the ice.. woohoo! Limonade here I come… Oh darn.. I still have to work on that file. ::Sigh:: back to it I go.


However, I do…  Love my life….






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