Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That happy sound of "yeah and woohoo!!"

So I am in between mode this morning. So much to do I don't know where to start. I just retruend from the retreat and my Dad is coming in to town from Wisconsin on Thursday. I am so looking forward to seeing him. Yesterday he called to tell me he rapelled off the side of a 100 ft. building for one of his classes at work, a first responders class. He had called me the night before and laughingly had told me about it. I think he was giggling some out of nerves, but overall at the end he said "I'm not a chicken, I'll do it"  His call to say he had accomplished the task was filled with yeah and woohoo!! It purely made me smile. It was the best.

I heard alot of that in the retreat this past weekend. I watched those who understood a step or a task in the Klic-n-Kut software that they didn't before it was elation and alot of yeah and woohoo! It was awesome. It was one of the highlights of the weekend to see so many get excited about what they are learning and applying it to their individual wants for their crafting. Really it was just phenomenal. Creating cutter files is one of my passions. So when I see others enjoy it. I just beam from the inside out.

Here are some pictures from the retreat... Thank you Barbie... I haven't downloaded all of mine yet so Barbie let me snag hers...
This is Sandy and I...

Here is Kathy P., Lynn K. The coordinator and Sandy.

And this is a new found friend. Barbie sat to the left of me at the table.
When she came in and showed me this picture on her really cool litte camera...
I exclaimed... "BARBIE, why are you HOLDING a cactus????"
She laughed at me and had that little twinkle of mischevious in her eye.
Well that twinkle was enough said.
This was the cupcake tree that Judy made. Inside of the "cupcakes" were little lights with cactus cut out of clay. These were made by Judy. just awesome. I must say when Judy left the retreat for the night. Chris G and Terri E and I sat there for about 20 minutes trying to get them back together. You have to fold them under eachother. I was chatting and playng with it and not paying attention and VOILA I got it.
I was so excited we were jumping up and down... and all of a sudden I tucked 4 of them back together so they were closed. WOOHOO!!!  Such little things make me purely happy.
These were just beautiful and up close is the added detail touch.

Judy gave one to my kiddo as I was leaving the retreat.
He was super thrilled and played with it until he fell asleep on the way home to Tucson.

I have more pictures, but these are the first I have available..

Hope you like!!!

Oh and for my gluten free friends... Here is a recipe sent to me by my friend Jan Bryson for gluten free artisan bread. I am seriously considering a bread maker for my birthday. So if any of my gluten free friends have one or can suggest one that would be awesome.  Thank you to Jan for sending this my way.

Have a wonderful day!

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