Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Classes... a little nervousness .. using sharpies

So yesterday was the first day of art class for my kiddo. They only have art class when there is a short day. They do the PE class and the art class. My son loves these days. Well they have an after school program. So I signed him up for 5 classes. And the whole day before there was a discussion about how he didn't draw well and he wasn't sure how it was gonna go and how things were gonna be. and did he really want to do? well He has been drawing and coloring like crazy previous to the sign up and this is why I signed him up. We have pictures taped to the walls and signs taped to the walls which I sneak through the house and remove at regular intervals. So on to Art Class. It is an hour and 45 minutes and is open to all the elementary grades. He was one of 2 kindergartners. I walked in right at the beginning of the start which in retrospect was good because I shooshed him in and they began. Here is his first drawing from class.

Soooo.. I asked him about this picture and he was so excited when he got in the truck. He got to use Sharpies! which I never let him use at home. he said "I am so sorry Mom." my response.. "No Worries when it is in art class. I don't think you color on the walls in art class" I got a little bit of an eye roll from that. hahah. "I was little" he mumbles under his breathe. Apparently he drew this from a picture they were given. He was excited it was a dog and brought it home to show his puppy Freckles.( I am not sure she understand the importance of it. just why are you not playing with my toy!!! ) I asked him how the "big kids" in the class were. his comment. "Mom.. they just don't listen and 2 kids got kicked out in the middle. They didn't even get to finish. " haha. I asked the question I never know what the response will be since the bus ride home... "well what did you think going back next week".. He beamed at me.. "Oh yes! I wonder if we will get to use Sharpies again." and he smiled all the way home. Holding his artwork up to look at. That's my kid. best smile ever and makes my heart just glow and beat to a happy drum. :-) Wonderful Love my life.


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