Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First time Skating...

So before Christmas we got to see some friends from Chicago at Skate Party. We also got to see some friends from Tucson at the Skating Rink. and our soccer coach "Coach Terry".

My kiddo loved it so much he begged for skates for Christmas so last minute we found some. And I have a feeling that on the list for birthday this year will be a skating party.
Here he is hanging out with Dad... and the wall... He did really well by the end and even went out on the big rink to skate to "the rock band song" Some song from our rock band game he just had to listen to on the big rink!!

Here are our two friends sons. They had a great time

This is the my Mother is evil picture because he is going back to Chicago and so I won't see him and I don't get to see him and your making me leave the rink so I am not going to smile for your DARN picture" look.
And this picture is the other friend (they are cousins). And the smile is after a quick talk and reminder that we are going to get dinner with if you "find your smile" otherwise we won't. In retrospect I think he was really coming down with the cold and why he was having a hard time because he never does, but these pictures are about 2 minutes apart and he is definitely the trooper and had so much fun at dinner.

He really had such a great time and so did we seeing everyone. Life gets so busy. Who knew in order to get some meeting time you would have to do it on 4 wheels with a rubber stopper. SOOOOO Much fun!!
And I must say one thing the Skate Rink looks the SAME as it did when I was in Junior High. The same. and the carpet was still damp and musty like it was way back when.
Really we had soooo much fun! Miss our friends and look forward to seeing them again. And we will be at the skate rink again soon as my son has his own skates!! and he will be practicing more on our patio I am sure. Since he was sick I let him practice for a bout ten minutes going up and down our hallway. then he couldn't do anymore because he was starting to cough. So much fun. and next time I am gonna wear skates to. woohoo!! And no pictures then I do this weird bobble head balance things with my arms out like a balance beam gymnasts. it is not pretty. but I'll do it because when you do it with a hubby and five year old .. it is always fun... Love my life.
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