Friday, January 8, 2010

Yeah it's the weekend...

Rambling alert... I don't have a whole lot to say... I just wanted to wish you a Happy Weekend!! So if you need it short and sweet there it is!!

And for those who listen to me go on and on.. Pull up a chair. ha!

So today is a little chilly here. My hands are just aching. I wonder when that started. When did my hands start to ache when it got a little chilly? If someone says it is age, I AM IGNORING that comment. I told my hubby this week. I wasn't getting older. It just is what it is.. He just smiled at me knowingly. ha! This was after my talk about skates. ha!

It has been one of those weeks where I am just dragging through mud trying to get everything done. We have so much fun stuff going on around here. And also there is alot of fun stuff going on online in the forum. challenges with prizes, and sketches. just so much to do. Tonight I plan to play with my cutter. Put something together instead of just test cutting. I am posting a file to the QMC this evening and hopefully after I have a good sample for a picture will be posting another. That makes me happy. The QMC is my favorite. as is evident by my lack of uploads to the store. I have 300 some files, but many i just cannot find the time to upload individual files sometimes. :-) I am working on that because I constantly get requests from my blog for a file to be added to the store so it can be purchased. Yes I need to get that more organized. It is in the works.

This week my son celebrated his puppies 1 year birthday. I got a little lecture on how to have an "appropriate" celebration for a dogs birthday by a 5 year old. HA! last night we went out to smack the tennisball. Here is the visual... 4 traffic cones, in a horse arena, one 5 year old, one 1 year old border collie, a tennis ball, and a metal t-ball bat. So my kiddo puts the ball on the cone which has the top cut off and he just whacks it good and the dog runs for it and brings it back. And again whack it hard the border collie runs and brings it back. That kinda dog training is priceless and to see him beam when he gets the ball back every time. Even more priceless.

The two cricut 3rd party softwares out there are battling it out with the features. My vote is still for the Make the Cut software. I just love some of the features and think the developer is phenomenal. Also, the e-craft is coming out at CHA. I am interested to see how much those little tabs really stick to cut without a mat. I am not a preperforated business card kinda person. I don't like little "hanging chads" for lack of a better description. But alas. I am very interested to see it function. (Yes, I am looking at my counter space and clearing it off some. ha! How can I not.) I, also, got a new software this week for my hubby that is very cheap and has alot of added features. One being exporting dxfs. I am intersted to see how clean they are. I am slightly getting the "software junkie" shakes. But I am trying hard to not load it til I have at least 6 new files in the current QMC. And the KNK Retreat is coming up in Phoenix. This one is close to home so I am going. Should be fun. I can't wait. It is over Rodeo Weekend, but I will make do. haha! I am really looking forward to it.

This weekend we plan to play with horse and head back to the arena. Our horses are ready to get moving again. You can tell they are slightly miffed about not going anywhere when you go out to feed. We took a few months off and I think are ready to get back into the swing of it. Since it is chilly we are during the days again. (65 today yikes! haha but it is windy. I am such a wimp I know) So I will be able to take nice pictures again with the sunlight and video. And this weekend I will also get to see my Brother Matt who lives in New York as he is down for a visit. I haven't seen him for about 3 years I think. I don't talk to him often, but at the same time when we see eachother the feeling of family flashes right back. So we hopefully get to see my brother in Phoenix as well and nieces and nephews. really should be alot of fun. just to sit and BS.

I, also, had a friend offer me her in-line skates. So I might try those out in the quest to hang out and just have fun with the kiddo. She says they are new in the box! Woohoo! Excited about that.

Really all in all it has been a great week and hopefully next week I will get slightly a bit more accomplished! just a bit! ha! The weekend with my guys is a worthy reward! Thanks for listening to the rambling... Love my life!

Hope you have a great weekend as well!


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