Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Cold....My Son is so happy

So the wind is bone chilling cold, but my son is glued to the tv watching the snow pictures in Northern Arizona. He is ready to learn to drive to get there. luckily for me... they are predicting snow at our house tomorrow night. Yeah! I wont have to drive to far. But yikes. I will be worried about the horses. Unfortunately, my hubby had to come home early and screw done roofing pieces that were coming off and other things. While I was out helping the ladder fell down and wacked my foot on the ankle. Can I just say IT Hurts. Luckily I don't need my foot to type or create files. haha. However, my paper is out in the craft room so that will take some interesting hobbling. ugh. first casualty of the weather.... and... ...

We did have a Wizard of Oz moment however. I kept hearing some banging. I told my son to go look at this fort out the window. So he went to look and I was walking behind him and we both look out the window and there goes the roof by the window from his fort. My sons fort is up in the air off the ground by a few feet and then it is 8x12. So when the roof flew. it flew! My son was super upset about it. but I told him he and Dad could do some building together on the weekend to fix it. And he wouldn't have to sweep the fort and the pack rat vermin that seems to have decided to steal his plastic fruit probably won't find it a very nice grocery store anymore without a roof. He has a work bench and a kitchen with a bbq on one side. They are all still in there. But just no roof. haha. However, he is super happy he gets to build with Dad. what a day. Should be interesting.

My little one is super happy because he is signed up for an after school art class starting next week. it goes for five weeks. He is thrilled. He keeps jabbering about it. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. I have a lot of Clone wars star wars drawings on the fridge. So we shall see if we can branch out a little in art class. Although the "inside of a tiger showing it's veins" was the last art class project from special classes day at school. so we shall see. haha. We shall see what he comes up with. I am excited for him. Wonder if they will need help? hmm. I better not but it sounds like fun.

Well cross your fingers for me that there is snow tomorrow. The critical weather survival toolkit for us Arizonians is Sunblock and ice. So this wind and snow stuff has us thrown for a loop. So hopefully it won't stick for to long, but just long enough to get some fantastic happy smiley giggly pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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