Monday, December 7, 2009

Wew! It's Monday! What a great weekend.

Well the weekend was wonderful and today I have spent the morning catching up. I was going to download pictures and post today, but I thought I better catch up first instead of being caught up in my photos. We got to see my Dad and went to the polar express in northern Arizona. There was snow, but I hear there will be today. We did find one little patch on the ground to play in and my little nephew was not to happy his hands were cold. Also, spent lots of time with my sister’s family and my brother’s as will be evidence of pictures over the next few days! Wonderful wonderful but now we are back home working on holiday projects! More tomorrow and if you think I missed you in my followup emails. Don’t hesitate to send me a note again. I deleted all the spam and still had about 400 I thought I should read and/or reply to.  So back to it I go.


But first a note. Today was my sons first ride on the school bus. We made it past the “two week waiting” period and he got off the bus and said WOW Mom that was a long ride and my friend told me about a BUTT BLASTER which is kinda like a scorpion but blows poison out his butt. I just had to giggle. Ahh ha yes honey! Was my response thinking great. One Mom told me the education your child will receive on the bus ride home will far circumvent any at the school. So I just listened and listened as he rambled and then I said.  “so you want to take the bus tomorrow then?” and his comment back.. “NO WAY Mom. They went past the stop and made the ride so long and I cried twice and I just can’t do it again.” Gave me a hug and got in the truck. Haha. Well we will see what tomorrow will bring.  But I am glad my nervousness wasn’t for nothing. Wonder what the other parents will think when I show up at school tomorrow to pick him up? And in all honesty. They can think what they like. I like to go to the school I feel more in touch with what he is doing. His teacher knows me. And I don’t talk about “BUTT BLASTERS” on the way home. Haha.


Have a wonderful rest of the week!!







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