Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread Houses and Teacher Gifts.. so much fun..

Yesterday was so much fun.. first we went to school and I hung out and we made Gingerbread houses. So much fun. I left smelling like frosting even after I had washed hands arms and shirt about 5 times. My son was busy busy with his creation and I had been coach for a few of the kids in his class so I knew them already and got to check out their houses. It was so much fun. We were short on plastic knives so you used the back of spoons. The best part was when I said "I had so much fun I think that was one of my favorite days." My son replied with "It was one of my favorites because you were there" a dramatic pause as I soak it in and how I just love my son, my life.. and then .. "so Mom... wanna talk about Star Wars?" Wew star wars again... Moment is over, but alas it was there. And I am glad he is still excited to have me help in class.

I know some of you are in that last minute crunch for gifts for the teacher. here are two super easy things you can do or have your child do. First off we did our teachers names. I also have a cricut so I wrote the spellings down for my son and had him type it in and cut the letters with a shadow. then I gave them to him with glue and he glued them together. (I used the glue that doesnt dry immediately so I could smoosh them a little straighter when he wasn't looking. Yes I know neurotic nervosa here) Then we let them lay over night because it was bedtime, but the next night I gave him some magi-card snippets which are magnets that have adhesive on them to attach to business cards. We cut ours in to strips and pieces to put on the back of the letters. twas easy to do. The teacher and assistant were so pleased to get them and put them right up on the board at school and the assistant was so excited to take it home and put it on her fridge so her girls could learn to spell their last name.

And the notecards... I cut some white card stock and gave my son a stamp to stamp them as straight as possible. And then I cut some dark card stock to be a mat for the white. When he was done stamping. We used the glue runner to attach the two. I had envelopes in my "collection" of supplies. So I put them together and tied them with the ribbon. The teachers were happy to receive these to.
I had the little bags also in my "collection" which I put the letters in. We put them in white gift bags which my son wrote their names on.
The best parts: My son being crafty with me, his excitement to give something he made, his excitement to see them up on the board, and his being thrilled when the teachers and assistant gave him hugs and said thank you. Just wonderful.
Well I better run.....
Have a wonderful day!
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