Thursday, December 3, 2009

santa claus is coming to town....

Well maybe not Santa Claus yet, but my Dad is. This is the weekend my Dad comes to town from Wisconsin and we have tons of great plans. and I still have tons to do today. last night after my computer was taken hostage by a virus I just decided when we get there today is when we get there. I will work through my to do list and do the most I can. Because I am sooooo excited to see my Dad and miss him so much. so there will be lots more pictures to come. I had my son help me with some crafts for family. He loves to run that Cricut and has even offered to Demo it for us? What do you think? I think he probably will. last night as we were finishing up (beacause i was trying not to pace as my hubby worked on the computer and I guess that can be realllllly annoying) I saw my son sitting on the floor and realized he had commandeered my fiskars small paper trimmer, my sakura glitter gel pen, and my markers for coloring stamps. I just sighed and said "well make sure you put it all back on the table and make sureeeeee you they are closed. these are not things I want to dry out."" OKAY" with a big grin as he continued cutting the paper up into a million pieces and glueing them back into some weird origami shape with colorings on it with MY GLUE GLIDER PRO!!! ahh... I think I will pace... mental note.. ask Santa for scrapping tools for 5 year old. just teasing. I don't mind at all that he uses them I just tend to run out of glue and the likes quicker... much quicker... and as my friend Lori put it .. who knows I may end up with the next Tim Holtz in my household.

Okay I am off to run a 100 plus 1 errands and get back and try to get more programs reloaded on my computer.

Have a wonderful day and if I am missing this weekend. It is because we are spending some time with Grandpa Dale from Wisconsin.


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