Friday, December 18, 2009

Spend $5.00 add freebies to your cart...

Are you crafting this weekend like I am? Trying to get the last of the list and the cuts done??? I am!! Wooohoo! So excited.


*****Sale Promo *****

If you visit my store and add $5.00 to your cart you can choose any of my files listed in the Holidays Category in the store.

You can tell which files will be offered in your cart as a freebie because

they have the little “special offers” symbol. There are even some collections in there.


And it doesn’t have to be this holiday you could be ready to go for the holidays in December and working on next year’s holidays!

Oh I envy you…. if you are!!


But don’t forget to check it out you may come out way ahead of the game if you play the numbers right!


For more information visit here…


*** More sales and specials from the “more” team*****

Also, below the categories on the left is the little “specials” word… visit that and you can see any individual files in the store that are listed with a percentage off.

Not to mention the sales listed on the right that came out today in the sales flyer. Sign up and get them to your in box directly on the front page of the store.

The Designers at VDBC can offer a sale at any time at any moment… So watch their manufacturers pages…


*** A tip, well just a few… ***

We have an announcement at VDBC posting at the end of the month.. Keep an eye peeled!! It will make you Grin!

BINGO will be back in January

Our Monthly Sketch die Cutter Challenges will continue.

Our weekly challenges will continue…..


Do I sound excited? I am … I am so excited!! It is a gonna be a great rest of the year and a wonderful new year!! I can feel it.

We hope your last weekend of holiday crafting is a wonderful one!

And your holidays are joyous!!



I am off to watch a Christmas movie with the hubby.. His favorite  …It’s a wonderful Life… Mine is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation… It’s his birthday so I will sit through his with him. It is so wonderful to watch with him.  And notice I didn’t post lots of mushy mushy details about my hubby and how wonderful he is and the love of my life? Oh darn there it is… Well it’s true…


What’s your favorite Christmas Movie??





Membership Club $10 for 20 plus files SVG GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT


PS I will be adding more files tomorrow to the store.



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