Monday, December 14, 2009

Burning off Cookie Frosting Sugar!!

We went to my sister's for cookie decorating on Saturday afternoon. Here is a picture of my kiddo and my cutey niece playing around. I love to hear them giggle. This was before everyone showed up. So cute! Plastic fruit just makes happy kids!!

This is my niece at the end of the cookie decorating. She had quite a bit of frosting in her area of the table.
This is the table full of kiddos.

And my niece had an assistant. My sister's friend who would wipe her finger off after every frosting. She would hold her hands out and get them wiped. Too Funny.

My kiddo is not in to many of these pictures as he decided that after the first few cookies he was going to go "slow" because he was going to Grandma's to decorate next Monday. I think he was pacing himself.
so this weekend... My hubby got told "Dad you got a double eye roll on that" which made me giggle and this morning I was going through the backpack and said what do you do with this? Put your nose through it and it was a rudolph with slits cut in it. So I put my nose through. He kept giggling and rolled his eyes "MOM that's ridiculous put it on the door handle." Oh ahaha. And then we have a new Christmas tree topper which he made in school. It was super cute and he was happy to put it up. I gotta say I am loving the homemade decorations.
We worked on lots of crafts and holiday gifts. I had to get a small propane torch for one. haha.! Yeah! New tools. My hubby picked out it for me. I am sure most men would be like WHAT? Are you kidding? Not my hubby... "You want a small torch to melt some things? Sure no problem. This is your best one probably for what you need. " love my hubby. In fact for one of our first Christmases, I asked for a pocket knife. I still have it and wear it regularly when I am working on stuff. A MUST for Christmas morning. Let me tell you. I showed it to a guy friend of mine when he asked what I was getting for Christmas. he looked at my then boyfriend and said "ARE YOU CRAZY?" haha. I like to think Crazy in Love. pretty fun.
So since we took the time to work on crafts and other things we did alot of finishing decorating and other things. Really just nice. My son and I worked on the gifts for his teacher and assistance. We are giving them this week so I will take pictures and post them this week. It was fun and easy and he did a big part of it.
Well I better run. Have to get a few errands done and a few more files for the QMC> Did I tell you that the Oct-Dec membership will stay open til mid January so everyone can make it through the holiday and not worry about downloads.
We have big news coming up in January at VDBC! Kinda exciting and fun. So don't forget to keep an eye on us!
Also the forum is still running weekly challenges. And this weeks is show your favorite holiday colors. So don't forget to check in and see what you can pick up!
Okay my rambling is done. Have a great Monday! Have a great week!

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