Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Easy Peasy!

Above are the pictures of the chef in the house. Whenever I get help cooking the chefs hat comes out. And even the puppy Freckles had to deal with it this time. And yes that is a Rockband drum set in the background. LOTS of fun!

Definitely was a wonderful weekend. We didn't have many set plans. We went to a friends house for his birthday and I forgot my camera. Our little one was the only child there because all of our kidsitters within the vicinity were out of town. but tis okay. He did really well and I packed him a new movie for his dvd player and his leapster. So hung out with the parents and ate some things and then went back to the guest bedroom and watched his movie. He doesn't really like the movie he just likes certain parts. So it was rewind, fastforward.. etc .. etc..

My little one and I went to McDonald's with Jan Bryson and her super cute daughters after my kiddo got out of school on Friday. It was a fun time for sure and a great start to the weekend. My son on the way told me that he had felt a little shy at school and making friends with the boys was kinda hard, but with the girls it was ... "easy peasy". I just slightly smiled and thought.. my hubby would be proud. good thing he wasn't with us and doing the driving or we might have driven off the road as he beat his chest in pride. haha. This is not the first time we have found the easy peasy effect in the works. We have had little girls give my son their numbers and lots of kisses. We shall see what life brings us in the future. I, myself, am going with the he is just friendly and nice and we will work it out when he is a teenager. haha.

So at McDonald's Jan and I chatted but the whole time she and I were in constant watch of the playground area. Other Mother's there ...not so much. To the extent that one child ran by grabbing himself in the potty stance. I thought. Yep kid needs the bathroom. Two minutes later a man is carrying a dripping little boy out the play area to the mother. Which I didn't even realize was his mother. I thought it was the other lady who picked him up twice when he fell down. hmmm.. well.. like I said it was awesome and fun to hang out with Jan and her wonderful daughters at McDonald's on Friday. My son left and said you know we could come again and I would play with Hailey Mom and make sure she was okay... I said "thanks honey that would be very nice of you" and I thought... "yep easy peasy". He truly is a great kid I couldn't be more blessed.

Have a wonderful day!



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