Monday, August 31, 2009

Prayers first and then The drama

It is the end of the day and I would like to sit down and post a creative thought, but I have a request first. I believe in the power of prayer and a friend and past Creative team member, Wendy Simmons is in need of prayers for her son. He was in an accident. I haven't the details and don't wish to pry I just am in hopes that you will help me in pushing prayers to their family and especially their son who has undergone some surgeries and is in a bit of pain because of the accident. If you have moment to send a prayer, I know she would appreciate it.

And now my reason for the drama part of the title of this post. I am off to sit with my hubby and help him through a dramatic moment..... favre playing in purple on his beloved vikings team. I hope the game isn't to long because I fear he may not make it through without a lot of comfort hahahahahah. So silly but it just makes me giggle there is a long standing packers vs viking duel in this family as I am a cheesehead. Well I am off to be the supporting wife. Haha my lip may bleed as I bite it because I like to watch Favre play.

Thank you all.


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