Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I picked up my kiddo from school and his first comment was... The teacher didn't call you did she? And I said well No. But did you get in trouble. He says NO, but she was very serious. I told him what is most important to me is "how HE is" That is my priority. So I asked what the other kids did that they shouldn't have. Apparently after one little boy (We'll call him H) had his name called he yelled out Catfish. The appropriate answer would have been Here. My son told me it was the hardest ever to not giggle and that his stomach hurt so bad because it was funny, but the teacher immediately looked very serious. So he knew he should be very quiet. And so the teacher said... Let's try this again.... H... and the correct response was given. HERE. and the day moved on.

I told this story to my hubby later in the day and we just giggled over it. I can just imagine my son trying so hard not to giggle. I feel for the teacher, but it gave us a little giggle. Which is good because this morning my husband called me and said... "Okay I dropped him off a little early so he could play and I went to leave and I didn't want to. " I love my husband. I truly do we seem to feel and live the same emotions and we handle them together. It is hard for us to leave our little one. We wanted to get him to school just a little earlier so he would have a chance to make some friendships and play with the other kids. But we also stand there and think which teacher is watching which kids, who is watching the kids???? And we know they do this all the time. Children make it without their parents eagle eye. Totally get that. but this is my kid. My kid. hahaha. I said "Babe we are empty nesters at the age of 5" he laughed I laughed. We laughed and giggled. We are dealing with all the milestones in life and are sooooo proud of him, but it is a good thing we know how to laugh. We really love our life.

Have a wonderful day!!

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