Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Those who pass through our lives.

Well I write today with a heavy heart. A family we know within the horse community has unexpectedly lost their father. He was quick to offer a helping hand, offered many times to spend some time with my son to teach him to rope and invited us to his home. I feel for his family greatly and their loss. He was very involved with his children and 4H and horses. So with that take some time to appreciate those who you don't know very well, but that you know in passing because they are still a part of our journey. He has some great kids and his wife is super nice as well. We will say a prayer tonight as our heads hit the pillow that his love he obviously felt for his children and those around him will be felt throughout their lives and they will carry it on to others. May he rest in peace and his family find some peace within their hearts carried by memories.

Enjoy every moment today.

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