Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A day of lows and highs....

We went to a funeral yesterday and it was heartbreaking to see our friend lose his life at the age of 38. Such a short lifetime, but it was also impressive. Such a short life time, but the room was filled with probably more then 200 people all saying what an impressive man he was. That he "didn't know a stranger" and I can attest to this because when we first met him we spent two hours just chatting a joshing about life and telling some off color jokes. And the room was filled with family & friends from all walks of life. Ropers, 4h kids, family from afar, just all types of people gathered together to respect the life of a very happy family loving man. I will miss the fact that we won't run into him again and spend 2 hours chatting, but I am truly blessed to have met him and know that there are still those folks out there who would give you their last dollar to help you get home, support his family and friends, and smile and laugh and tell a funny story just to make the day a little brighter. He will be missed. John Trajanovich. You will be missed.

and then from there it was alot of driving for me yesterday... driving driving driving all the way to Tempe and back. But the driving back was the fun part because we spent it in our 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty Dually Diesel. We had been making two car payments and decided to roll those into one and get the truck to haul our horses with a little more confidence. And financially it cut our monthly costs in half. And on top of that my hubby has got the biggest cheshire grin going!!!! Fantastic... He has wanted a truck like this since I met him 11 years ago. So now he has it and I couldn't be more proud of him. And of course the kiddo story.... We get in and look at all the buttons while we are driving and my kiddo has flipped down the overhead dvd player and I go to put it up because we don't have one to play and it doesn't stick up... so I push again... And my son says.... "JUST SLAM IT" my Hubby says... "WHAT... we just got it.. don't slam anything yet" haha. Love it!

So it was a day filled with lows and highs which has just become another "day in the life". And today I hope to get more files completed for the QMC. Thank you to all those who stand by me. I appreciate everything you do for me and help me with.

Chris Durnan, designer at
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