Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chris's Cutter File Challenge June 09

Let the June 09 Cutter File Challenge Begin!

This Challenge is being moved to the forum...
HERE is the direct link to the sign up thread.
HERE is the direct link to the submission thread.

For those who are new... ( the quick details)
First you post in the signup thread you want to join
You will receive a download link which contains all of these files in it in a PM here at the forum.
Then you post your submission picture in the submission thread by the due date.

This will be due July 20th.
So lots of time to create.

You must commit to create at least one project with
at least one of the files by the due date.
That's it. And the rest are yours.

No sharing allowed. All these files are governed under my Personal TOUs.

Here are the expanded details and some have changed for this round as we move from my blog to the forum.
First, You post in the Sign Up Thread and the link and password for 4shared will be PM’d to you here at the forum. Something you should know right off the bat. The link and password for the cutter file challenges will be sent out through the Forum’s Personal message system. This means you need to have Receive personal messages enabled in your User CP at the forum. And make sure to check your notifications on the upper right to see if you have gotten your link and password.

Second, you will need to post your submission in the submission thread by the due date.

To keep this clean please put any questions or signups in the signup thread and submissions and comments about the submissions in the submission thread.

Sarah and Ginger will be working the links here at the forum.
So you will receive a PM from either Sarahwms or Games.
Please be aware they are volunteering to help out
and will send links as time permits.

For those who committed but didn't complete last time,
but still want to this time….
You are officially the recipient of what NASCAR fans know is the “lucky dog”
I am wiping the decks clear for this go round. Usually all those who don’t finish the challenge are asked to sit out one before they can join in again. This time around.. Jump in and please complete.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the past..
Your continued interest keeps the challenge up and running!
I also want to thank Games and Sarahwms for stepping up and offering to coordinate this challenge for me. I was worried about keeping up on all things, but this challenge is just such a highlight for me to see everyone’s creativity that I am so thankful for their help.
ONE NOTE FOR SCUT USERS: I have included the OSW (one sheet wonder) file for your use. I cannot guarantee it will cut as there are some open paths. If you chose to use this file or can help me get the file to where you can use it and create more files like it, please feel free to contact me. I would take any and all advisement or ideas on pushing the Sure Cuts A Lot software to its full potential.


Chris Durnan, designer GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. My files work on many machines. Some of them are: Klik-n-kut, Pazzle, Wishblade, Silhouette, Cricut, Craft Robo. Some of the software involved with these machines are: Funtime, Scrapbooking, WinPC/Signlab, Inkscape, Create & Cut, Illustrator, KNK Studio, Robomaster, DesignMaster and the list goes on..... Enjoy!

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