Monday, June 8, 2009

Download those 29 files... Did you miss it?? You have one more chance..

Hello to everyone!! We have 29 files up in the Quarterly Membership Club. The last few files are great potentials for Father’s Day! I am working now on the next QMC’s early bird files and will hopefully have it up in the store by the end of the week. For now get over the forum or 4shared. However, you prefer to download and get them all down.  You have until June 30th and then July 1st the new membership opens up and we move on.


Direct Link to Private Forum Section:

All 4shared users should have the download link in the pdf file offered when purchased.




If you missed the April – June 2009 signup period, Here is the last chance. I have had so many email  with users asking me to join after we closed the doors and I have heard every reason. I have never had this many requests and a lot from past members. So,  I am going to post it to the store for a short time at this link HERE.  It will be up for just today and tomorrow and then I am moving on so I can work on next. Jump on in there at the very last minute.  And download the 29 files.  All come in SCUT AI GSD KNK WPC


 There is a wide range of topics covered in this quarter. A lot of these files have been added to the store already (so you can take a peak at them), but you couldn’t get these files all grouped together for $10.00 total.


 Here is this quarter’s list…


1. Wedding Words 1 -- CD00498
2. Wedding Words 2 -- CD00499
3. Easter Cross -- CD00497
4. Skate Party - Crawl Walk Skate -- CD00502
5. Dance as if... -- CD00504
6. Live Love Dance -- CD00507
7. Visiting the Farm -- CD00512
8. You're Gonna What? Cow -- CD00513
9. Dog Bone Wrapped with Words -- CD00518
10. Bark Bark Bark -- CD00517
11. Ribbons 2 -- CD00516
12. Trains Trains Trains -- CD00522
13. Ribbons 3 -- CD00520
14. All Dressed Up -- CD00525
15. Boy Cupcake Wrappers -- CD00530
16. Vacation Word Book -- CD00523
17. Roasting Marshmallows -- CD00529
18. Giggles Word Book -- CD00536
19. Giggle Giddy Words -- CD00537
20. Pond Friends -- CD00538
21. Baby Jumbles -- CD00540
22. Petal Power -- CD00539
23. Postage Stamp Borders -- CD00542
24. Vineyard Jumble and Frame -- CD00543
25. Road Signs -- CD00545
26. Baby Loading -- CD00544
27. Best Stories -- CD00546
28. #1 Dad -- CD00547
29. Hay! Happy Father's Day -- CD00548





Please remember to backup your files. The QMC’s are dismantled and not available after the last day. If you think you might possibly ever buy another machine and need a different file type. Please download all file types. Some of the QMC files never make it to the store. So they are originals and just for the QMC. Please remember to backup. I hate to lose files as I am sure you do to. Download twice to different areas anything you can do to protect your purchase.


The different between 4shared and the forum.

The difference is the 4shared files are uploaded individually and the forum is uploaded in zip file. Two different setups for whatever your download style.


NEXT QMC… In store shortly. Watch for notices and catch those early bird files.



Also going on in the forum….

Sketch Challenge for June and the Cutter File Challenge.


Have a wonderful week!!!







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