Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday again.. Maps, playland & Big Heads...

If you want to know about the challenge scroll down a post or two. I am currently in the mode to just ramble about life... And if you want to know what Sales I am offering this weekend. Join my Yahoo group. You get up to date information directly to your inbox. You get an email about once a week. And there is no chatter it is soley a newsletter group. so about 4 or 5 emails a month.

On to life...

Quickly our California trip will be upon us. I am so looking forward to it. My kiddo and I went to the library yesterday and checked out a California DVD to watch about all the places in California. Yes I am an amateur tour guide whenever I go somewhere I have looked at all the maps (I LOVE maps.. you can ask Lori & Jan. I think they saw my whip out the map while Lori kept asking do you want my gps and Jan had out her Iphone. I just had the map and it was quick!) I am going to hit AAA next week and print out a trip-ticket. Have you ever seen one of those. Lots of directions and map. It is literally the stops and starts like a gps, but on paper. And I can flip ahead and look at it or see where I have been and even better NO bossy voice telling me where to turn or merge. I love road trips and I love just going as I please on them. I plan to get a map and lay it out on the floor with my son and hubby and mark out our possible road trip. And thinking about bringing some small stickers so my kiddo can mark on the map where we have been. I can't wait. So looking forward ot it. Yes I might be slightly demented in the technological age, but if their is a massive scrambler of gps waves I will have my trusy map with our really cool stickers on it showing the way. haha.
Yesterday we went to the library and looked through some books. We went right at reading time for the pre-school kids and most of the kids seemed to be very young pretty much the same crowd as the Toddler time. My son just kind of looked at me like I am not a baby. So I said come on lets go to McDees. So we headed out to McDonald's and yep that is where the 5 year old kids were. So we grabbed lunch and he played and ran and had a good time. I kept an eye on him and also checked a few things on the Blackberry. As I glanced up to check. I look over and the Mom's with the other 25 kids there are all faced towards the window. I am literally the only Mom sitting facing the kids and even glancing up to check on the kids. Okay that means I will just keep an eye a little more. So I see a kiddo get slammed to the ground and he hasn't bounced back up as most will do and he is one of the smaller of the bunch. so I walk over and squat down next to him. Are you okay? He is just dazed and it appears he has bit or cut his lip. yeah I am okay he says and just lays there a bit. All of a sudden I feel the shadow over us. WHAT IS GOING ON? I felt like saying "Oh hey Mom nice of you to join us" But instead I hear. "He is fine i am sure he is fine." I back out of the picture and tell her. "yep he looks fine although he is bleeding." .. I then hear.. "Oh Oh I didn't even see what happened what happened what happened." So we have gone from Who gives a fig let me have "MY OWN TIME" mom, to WHY are you bothering my kid Mom, To Oh my Histerics Mom. The little boy sits up and pats his Mom's leg. "I'm okay I'm Okay." (so apparently he has taken care of mom before) Now the woman has a tear because her son has blood on his lip. Which has now dried. So I said. "You could wash it off. it quit bleeding." And I smile. So she disappears with child in tow. My Son runs up behind me hugs my leg and takes off again. (We have check ins. he has to check in with me while anywhere and no words are needed just eye contact, or hug, or Mama and a nod something.) So Identity Crisis Mom comes back smiling. The little boy takes off for the playland and Mom sits down again ... and you guessed it... facing out the window chatting with her friends. I had to smile because the view is pretty out the window and the conversation is good with friends, but I so love to watch my son just run around and figure out the playland area and make new friends. Love my son. Love my life.
My son is in negotiation mode. I told him no wii until he had some things put away. So He is trying to figure out how to get out of it. Ha! to funny. If I do the laundry and the dishes. He can put away the legos and the cars. We got a new TV we have been hanging out with a little tiny tv for the better part of two years now. Our large one quit, then the digital conversions and all that. So you get used to the little tv that looks like a computer monitor. Well with the new LEDs coming out my hubby proclaimed now was the time to get the LCD and he was right we got one for half the cost it would have been a year ago. well my son decided to try wii Lego star wars last night. He was frozen in time as it came up on the screen and his character gets ready to play and we hear him say. "WHOA look how big my guys Head is!" hahahaha. Love it. My hubby just smiled a big ol smile. and said "Can I play to?" Love my hubby. Love my life.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy yourself! Don't forget to check out the challenge in the forum and the store for any sale items I can come up with.


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