Friday, June 26, 2009

QMC, things I remembered and realized on vacation.. life..

Business first... I am taking the QMC with early bird files for July-Sept out of the store this weekend and putting up the straight QMC for the remainder. If you want to join and get more files for the dollars then now is the time to join and quickly!

And now on to life...

Our view from the hotel balcony in CA. Very nice

Lots of fun for sure.

Things I realize and remembered on vacation…

-You should always put sunblock on your lips. If you don’t yowser you will have a swollen lip. Apparently I won't need lip injections. My lip felt huge. my hubby said WOW (with an evil grin) when I woke up when morning and could feel my lip was swollen. So I chased him around the suite with my scary lip and a pillow. I'll Pow him with the pillow for that wow.
-I love my family! My in laws include me so much they feel like my family and are my family it is wonderful!
- I may have been thinking about getting cable again, but after one weekend of it and watching my son watch. I still don’t want cable tv.
- I really love my home. We were so happy to get home!
- It is hard not to check email every day. Thank goodness for my blackberry. (Yes Lori I am addicted)
- I miss those I chat with in the forum regularly.
- I am digging the fruity martinis.
- I forgot to take the QMC down with the early bird files before I left So I will be taking it down the weekend I get back.
- I love to hang out with my hubby and my son. We just have fun together.
- I love to only hit one theme park on vacation and take it easy for the rest.
- Love to watch my hubby and son interact with new experiences. Like feeding Sea Otters and Stingrays. So fun.
- I love my digital camera. I panicked because I thought mine got wet and wasn’t going to work. Ended up being a dead battery. So I snagged an “old school” disposable for half of the sea world day. I let my son use up the rest of the pics. So I am interested to see what he came up with in shots.
- I am bummed I didn’t sketch out my ideas and am trying to get them down in thoughts today before I forget them all.
- I for the first time ever loved the bed at the place we stayed. My hubby and I decided we might call and ask them what brand mattress was in the room because it was the first ever we both loved. Can you tell we need a new mattress.
- I love my nieces. Their giggles and smiles just make my day. To hear them giggle in a fit of exhaustion at the end of the day was the best!!!
- My hubby is fun to share a nice dinner with. And my son is the best for dealing with it by being good and hanging out with us when he’d rather run like mad and play.
- Life is awesome! Love my life.

And now I am off to get the horses ready and loaded for the evening and meet my hubby at the Team Sorting with trailer, child and horses in tow.

Have a great weekend!!

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