Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The world you see as a designer of cutter files.

when I look out in the world I "see" cutter files. and my hubby... he knows when I am "seeing" one.. he will smile and says.. Cutter File? I will just nod in silence as I process it in my head. The corners, the nodules, how to make it less cuts for ease of use. Oh I love it. (thank goodness he is such a wonderful man he understands) to cut that first test cut and have it pull up off the mat without any hickies or issues. I can almost hear the angels sing.. then I realize it is my little one's voice.. mom.. MOM>>> MOM>> MOM.. and off I go to my other addictions and loves in life.. my family ... my hubby. . my kiddo .. our home... etc... . So this is what I saw this morning that made me think Cutter File. How about you? what makes you "see" cutter files?

I can't drink soda anymore because of the bubbles. But these are the summer cans for Coca Cola (this is where I say.. Coca-cola is a trademark and I have nothing to do with it and am not affiliated with the company, but just wanted to show their cool new can designs) Anyways. I saw them and thought wow those are cool. wonder if you couldn't make a cutter file along some of the same principles. I like the simple clean designs.

That is it for my ramblings today. I am off to work on some files. setup the dollar deals for next weekend and do some accounting. Have a wonderful day!!



Chris Durnan, designer
GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. Whatever your creative mind can come up with!

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