Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day is coming.. this Saturday

This Saturday is Mother's Day! Woohoo! Do you think I am wrong? Not for this family. We celebrate Mother's Day in this house on Saturday and then Sunday is "Our Mother's Day" on Sunday.So this Saturday. I am headed to the auction to relax and watch a few items go on sale and hang out. No house cleaning. no tv. just a lot of hanging out, socializing, enjoying my son and husband and this time my niece will be with us for the day to. Should be very nice! My son has a pile of boots that are to small and he is gonna sell them for spending money for vacation. He has been working on his sales pitch all week. If I can get my phone out quick enough. Think I might record it and play it here. I am sure he can negotiate some higher bidding with his spiel. haha.

And then Sunday is Mother's Day which will be spent at my In laws. We plan to hit the bbq, the pool and relax and celebrate my god daugher's and other nieces birthday. And I am blessed because my Nan (grandmother) is gonna come with us. Most of my family is out of town. So taking her with will be alot of fun and she can enjoy the family get together as well.

I must say as a Mom I am all right at times, frustrated at others, fun at others, and demanding at others, loving at others. But I wouldn't be the Mom I would be without my son. And definitely without my husband. He seems to know when I need to just take a moment or a break without interruption. He knows when he needs to step in and be the "heavy" because I have had it for the day. Or he knows when it is time to chase Mom with the "tickle fingers" with my son and we all end up on the couch or the floor in a pile of laughs. I didn't get handed a manual when we left the hospital. And everyone has had advice to share or opinions, but to have someone that is your best friend to help you figure out what is the best choice you can make and standing next to you as you make those choices. Well Wow. How would I do it without him. And because of all that. We have one Phenomenal little boy. he has his moments and even I as an adult do to. But his moments are always followed with a hug and lots of love. Well I am done being mush. I just had to say. Love my Life.

Happy Mother's Day to you all this weekend!!
And here are some pictures of my life right now....

So do you notice the dog looking at me and blocking my kiddo... But do you more notice the hose?? I have been called out to "help him" And then in the picture below there is a swift run for the faucet...

and then an evil grin as he turns on the water and the dog really takes off. hahahahAnd then my son comes over to " show me" how it won't reach to me
and then when that doesn't work... lets just "show" Mom how much fun it is to run around and get wet. Well after a change of my clothes. I am here posting the pictures! ha! Tons of fun. Especially when it is so hot already. Love the dancing in the water picture below.

This is my cherry tomato plant. It is huge!! My hubby has the watering system running like a well oiled machine and he got the garden running. It has just been awesome! I have had to work alot lately and take care of some other things and his thumb has just turned Green it has been wonderful. And in the picture below. Do you see the pink flowers?? my hubby brought that home one day. I was just having a really rough day and so he showed up with those. Yep my hubby is a keeper... not because he spent money and gave me something but because he thought about it. That always impresses me. the surprises the hugs the love! Love it.

More tomorrow... Have a wonderful evening!

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